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From firlefanzine

I'm asking those who love the outdoors to post a picture on your page. A picture that YOU took. Just a pic. No description. The goal is to regain peace and harmony without negativity. Please copy the text, put a picture on YOUR page, and let's look at these beautiful pictures.



Thank you bodiegirl for letting me play with your picture.

I need some exercise in creating or editing pictures, so I am happy I can do it with one I love.

It's Doyle's and Bodie's shown confidence as a team I am impressed of. Especially Doyle's added trust.
Though something is bothering me when I used it as an icon. If someone has any advice, I would be greatful.

However, here are some results of my playing.

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B Mauer

Back in the UK

I've had to come back......
This time it's Manchester and North Wales

Manchester was very busy because of the Chinese New Year.

The library is beautiful

Now,  North Wales

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